Frequently Asked Questions - Doctor of Ministry

What is the deadline date?
Deadline date for submitting a DMIN application is May 1 or November 1. 

What schools are eligible?
Please see list of eligible schools

Must I be a resident of certain states?
United States citizens who are residents of Virginia, North Carolina and South
Carolina may apply. Students must have lived in one of these states for at least 12
months immediately prior to entering any college, academy or seminary.
Students who move to a state to attend school are not eligible.

Are references required?
No.  References are not required of DMIN applicants. 

Can I receive aid if I attend classes at an extension campus?
No. You must attend classes on the main campus.

Can I submit an application on-line?
Yes.  Follow the link to the application you need to submit. 

Is a transcript of grades required?
If you are already in the DMIN program, a transcript of your most recent grades must be included with your application.

Must I submit a new application for the grant each year?
Yes.  Grants are available for a maximum of 6 semesters.
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