Frequently Asked Questions

What is the deadline date?
Repeat applicants are expected to submit the application by March 1 for eligible Master’s degree.

For new applicants in the eligible Masters Degree programs, the deadline date is April 1 for first and second semesters.

Grants are available for summer school only for students who received a grant during the preceding academic year.  We do not require a separate application for summer but you must notify the schools financial aid office of your summer schedule and they will inform the Keesee Fund.  

If you miss the April 1 deadline, you may apply by October 1 for the second semester only.

The deadline date for Doctor of Ministry applications is May 1 and November 1. 

What schools are eligible?

Please see list of eligible schools.

Must I be a resident of certain states?

United States citizens who are residents of Virginia, North Carolina and South
Carolina may apply. Students must have lived in one of these states for at least 12
months immediately prior to entering any college, academy or seminary.
Students who move to a state to attend school are not eligible.

Are references required?

Yes. You must furnish the complete names, mailing addresses and telephone
numbers of three references. You may also wish to furnish e-mail addresses.
 Please see the requirements and the application for Doctor of Ministry applicants. 

How do I complete the budget sheet?

The budget sheet should be completed for 12 months. You should be sure to include all income/receipts and expenses.   If you will be a married student for any part of the school year, you must complete the application as a married student.

How many hours must I carry to receive a grant?

Students must be enrolled at least one-half time in order to apply for a grant of any amount.  Part-time and full-time students are considered. 
You must be attending classes on the main campus of the school.  You are allowed, however, to take one required on-line class per semester in addition to your on-campus classes to count toward your hours for the grant.   Conference classes do not count toward your hours for the grant.  Hybrid classes are generally considered to be on-campus if there is an on-campus component.

Can I receive aid if I attend classes at an extension campus?

No. You must attend classes on the main campus.

Can I submit an application on-line?
No. You must mail the application to the office of the Keesee Fund
Do I need to submit a new statement each year I apply?
A new statement is required each year.  A copy of the previous statement will not be acceptable. 

How do I get an application?

Doctor of Ministry


Bachelor’s at Southeastern College